Should Travellers Hitchhike?

Only if your name is Bono, and you’re in West Vancouver! Say-what? That’s right, U2 frontman Bono and his assistant were visiting Vancouver, BC on Tuesday when they got caught in the rain and decided to thumb a ride. Who picked them up? NHL hockey player, Gilbert Brule, from the Edmonton Oilers! Sounds like a bizzare story, doesn’t it. You can read more about this story here.

In this day in age, thumbing a ride is seen as dangerous (and illegal in many countries), especially for travellers who might not familiar with their surroundings. Bono took a chance (probably because he was in an affluent “all Canadians are nice, eh!” neighbourhood, and well…cause he’s Bono) and it thankfully turned out in his favour. For all other travellers out there, why not hop on a bus or hail a cab. Safe travels 🙂

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