First Class for Less Than the Price of Economy

How can you fly first class for less than the price of an economy ticket? Here’s one trick all savy travelers know:

Look for Front of the Cabin Bargains

A couple weeks ago, Delta was offering an unbelievable deal – what they called “first/business” class flights from Boston to Amsterdam (and other U.S./European city pairs) for less than the price of economy. Why? What’s the catch? Often airlines need to sell off tickets, desperately, so they will offer amazing deals to fill these empty seats. They trick is, keep your ear to the ground, and do your research. This particular deal wasn’t even advertised. Think this sounds like you’ll have to spend hours every day asking the universe to grant your cheap luxury tickets? Don’t waste your time – let technology work for you: Sign up for airfare alerts on a site of your choosing (FareCompare has these alerts) so you get real-time notification of such bargains. You must jump on these deals as you see them – they don’t last long.

Speaking of Amsterdam – we were flying KLM (excellent airline FYI) from Dubai to Vancouver, via Amsterdam, and when we were checking-in online, they site asked if we wanted to upgrade to business class for an extra $400 USD. Two hundred dollars extra per person to sleep and eat delicious food! Sign us up! We jumped on the deal, and it was completely worth it for us. Why not continue living in luxury after our wedding/honeymoon?! Sometimes airline deals will come to you, if you’re lucky 😉

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