Are You The New Jet Set?

I stumbled upon a company called Jet Set Life the other day, and was really excited to discover another couple living the good life as “The New Jet Set”. What exactly is that you ask? Well, Rob and Kim define the term on their site (aka the Lonely Planet For Sexy People) as follows:

The New Jet Set
def: A subculture of people who choose to live their life now, instead of deferring their dreams to later in life. They have learned to leverage technology to create income, time and freedom so they can regularly travel from one stylish or exotic place to another for pleasure. No jet required.

Bingo! Why wait until you have retired to enjoy the life you desire and fulfill your dreams? Why not do it now! Gary and I have been fortunate to leverage technology, through our various lifestyle and technology websites, to create income. We have been blessed with the freedom to regularly travel from one stylish or exotic place to another – like spending a whole month in South East Asia at the beginning of the year, celebrating my birthday in the glitz & glam of New York City, and currently planning a romantic anniversary (12 years!) trip to Europe. Not to mention that we got married on the beach in Dubai, and honeymooned in the alluring Seychelles way before Prince William & Kate 😉 If travel is your passion – I encourage you to make it happen – don’t wait until it’s too late to live out your dreams. Visit Jet Set Life for more info.

About Gary & Taya

Founders of 9to5Travel, this jet-setting Canadian husband & wife team scour the globe searching for the best travel destinations the world has to offer. They provide detailed accounts of tropical beaches, gourmet cuisines, and luxury hotels. Learn more about the couple here.

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