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Singapore’s Oldest Hainanese Style Cafe

Killiney Kopitiam is a traditional Hainanese style cafe chain in Singapore that has created a strong following among local coffee aficionados and the breakfast club. Its original location, situated at 67 Killiney Road, is the country’s oldest existing Hainanese coffee shop dating back to 1919. Since then, Killiney has grown to include over 55 outlets spread […]

A Singapore Cultural Icon: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Founded in 1944, Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a retro-ambience coffeestall and Singaporean cultural icon. The original cafe has since expanded to include over fifty outlets, across six countries and is widely regarded as an institution of ideal kaya toast. Ya Kun’s limited menu revolves around this core product — kaya (coconut jam) toast — with cheese, […]

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice Review (Joo Chiat) Singapore

Singapore’s Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice was made world-famous by Anthony Bourdain’s popular foodie/travel show No Reservations. Bourdain visited the first branch located at Maxwell Food Centre, but it has since expanded from a humble hawker stall to include a full fledged restaurant on Joo Chiat Road. We decided to try this stand-alone air-conditioned chicken […]

936 LTN Food Village Pte Ltd – East Coast, Singapore

The food village (a short walk from Mandarin Gardens) was the first stop we made after our awesome friends Tom & Elaine picked us up from Changi Airport. Now this is the kind of hawker center I remember from years ago: Open-air, plastic chairs, and all. If you’re unfamiliar with hawkers, they’re groups of food […]

Toast Box At Singapore’s Wisma Atria Food Republic

Kopi tiams (or kopitiams) are very popular traditional breakfast and coffee shops found in parts of South East Asia. Toast Box, owned by the BreadTalk group, is a chain of modern kopi tiam style cafes in Singapore, and we happened to visited the location at Wisma Atria Food Republic, across from one of the smallest […]