NEXUS – Canada-US Frequent Traveler Program

NEXUS is a joint Canada/United States program designed to allow members expedited entry at US-Canada borders. Pre-approved, low-risk travelers can avoid long waits at border entry points by using self-serve kiosks at airports and reserved lanes at land crossings.

To gain eligibility, program applicants are screened for citizenship and immigration status, checked for criminal history and positive matches on FBI, CSIS, RCMP, UN, UK and Interpol terrorism and no-fly list databases. Applicants who pass the initial screening are thoroughly interviewed in person by agents of both US and Canadian border authorities. Applicant’s fingerprints, photograph, iris scan, and other personal information are recorded. If approved for this frequent traveler program, payment is required, and members receive a RFID enabled NEXUS card used for land, air, and water travel.

Considering 9 to 5 Travel travels extensively, we are grateful to utilize NEXUS whenever possible. Having previously used the card at land border crossings, we recently had the chance to experience the NEXUS lane at Toronto Pearson International (YYZ) flying to New York’s La Guardia (LGA) airport. Similar to land crossing, we bypassed long queues, but this time we were just required to have our iris’ scanned!

For more information about NEXUS and to discover if you are eligible for the program, visit

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