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Jumbo Seafood Restaurant is renowned in Singapore as the place for great seafood dining. The company has seven locations around Singapore and two restaurants in Japan. We dined at their Waterfront location at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, on New Years Eve. Located along the Kallang River, the outlet had a perfect river view while we feasted under the stars, on the last day of 2010.

We ordered a set-menu for 4 people, which sadly included shark fin soup. Since we are opposed to the practice of consuming shark fin (for ethical reasons) we politely requested no shark fin in our soup – and since it saved the restaurant money, they happily obliged! We ended up with a delicious, vegetarian soup, full of flavour.

Cereal Prawns: a dish I had never had before which consisted of deep-fried tiger prawns sauteed with Jumbo’s special blend of oat cereal, curry leaves, and chopped chilli padi. It was fabulous.

Another excellent dish was their scallops sauteed with garlic, broccoli, onions and red peppers. The scallops were perfectly cooked and tasted amazing.

A Singapore specialty – Chilli Crab: live Sri Lankan crab stir-fried in a rich, savoury, chilli gravy served with steamed or deep-fried buns (Man-Tou). Forgot a picture of the buns, sorry! The buns were almost as delicious as the chilli crab.

Fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, enoki and shiitake mushrooms. Very tasty and a great dish for vegetarians or pescetarians.

Thick and rich dessert soup with yams and sweet corn. It satisfied the sweet-tooth without being overly sweet and was the perfect end to a scrumptious meal. Thanks to our good friends Tom & Elaine for a fantastic NYE dinner!

Overall, Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Waterfront is a wonderful culinary experience complete with excellent service and lovely views of the river. However, a downside of the Jumbo restaurant company is they offer shark fin soup on their menu. If you do decide to dine at Jumbo, at least refrain from ordering  shark fin, and even urge the company to remove the item from their menu.

Still on the fence about the whole shark fin controversy? Watch Sharkwater, it will open your eyes to this pandemic. World renowned Chef, Gordon Ramsay also created an excellent documentary.

Choose sustainable seafood choices when you’re dining out. Click here for WWF Singapore’s Seafood Guide.

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