Grilled Lobster On The Beach In Nha Trang, Vietnam

On Nha Trang’s golden sandy beach, directly in front of the Louisiane Brewhouse, you will find ‘lobster ladies’ selling fresh crab, shrimp, clams, and of course spiny lobster (langouste).

Choose which seafood you’d like, and vendors will barbecue your meal right there on the beach. Plates, cutlery and condiments are all provided, and they will even secure a tarp on the sand to eat your seafood.

The seller started off at 300,000 VND, but we bartered her down to 200,000 VND (approximately $10 USD) for one decent sized lobster. Caution: Vendors will attempt a ‘bait and switch’ approach by showing you a huge lobster, negotiating a price, and then switching it for a smaller lobster on the grill. To ensure your meal is fresh & tasty, be certain your lobster is still alive and kickin’ before you confirm the price. “cảm ơn!”

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