Extravagant Emirates Airbus A380

Dubai is infamous for extravagance, larger than life architecture, and top jets for the jet-set. Dubai-owned Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 bi-level jet has everything one could desire and more than most could fathom on an airplane.

Your $30,00 hand-made cashmere Prada suit (what else do you wear on a $14,000 flight) is sure to enjoy its time resting in one of the roomy compartments with a fold out bed, self-serve bar area, 1,200 channels of entertainment, and 5-star bathrooms complete with showers. For $9,000 Business Class passengers can have largely the same experience, and for $1,500 you can snag an economy seat in the back which comes with all the media options.

Emirates is one the best airlines in the world because even flying coach is a pleasant experience. If you ever get the chance to “Fly Emirates” do it! Check out this video of the interior of Emirates Airbus A380 – it’s amazing: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4698342/the-emirates-airbus-a380/

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