Executive Pastry Chef Alejandro Luna Has A SweetSpot

Allow us to introduce you to one of Singapore’s top ten pastry chefs, Alejandro Luna.

Luna is the über talented Executive Pastry Chef at high-end SweetSpot pâtisserie located in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel & Casino.

Luna has spent the past 15 years in the upscale pastry business. He landed in Singapore last year via some of the most revered chocolateries and pâtisseries in Europe and the USA to helm SweetSpot’s drive to push forward the city’s growing trend for ultimate dessert destinations.

Luna focuses on beautifully sculpted treats that bring a fresh update to traditional French pastry techniques. Pushing the envelope every step of the way at the Marina Bay Sands and in Singapore, his hand dipped pralines, 16 different flavors of macarons and plenty of petit gateaux are SweetSpot’s signature items that must not be missed.

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