Celebrate The Royal Wedding London-Style — In Vancouver!

I’m going to admit something – I’m actually looking forward to the upcoming nuptials of Kate & William. Call me traditional, but Canada is a former British colony and a current member of the Commonwealth – so I think we should be excited! Also, unlike his father’s first marriage, William is marrying someone with no royal ancestry and someone he seems to truly love: Wills & Kate have been dating on-and-off for something like 10 years, you know.

Princess Diana & Prince Charles’ wedding in 1981 was viewed by over 750 million people around the globe. And who knows how many millions will tune in for Kate & William. My friend in London informed me that the day, April 29th, 2011 has been designated a UK public holiday to commemorate this royal event, so I’m sure even more people will be glued to their televisions or watching it streaming live on YouTube. Yes the Royal Family has their very own YouTube channel – who knew!

If you live in or are visiting Vancouver, BC, Canada, and watching the ceremony on TV is not enough for you, then you might want to attend the “Royal Wedding Dinner”. Held at The Diner in Point Grey, the event will celebrate this much anticipated wedding in an authentic British fashion.

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Do you have wedding-fever, or think the hype is just ridiculous?

The Diner
4556 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC
Tel: (604) 224-1912

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