Goods Of Desire Hong Kong – Top 100 Stores In The World

Goods of Desire, or G.O.D. as it is often called, is a premier lifestyle brand company based in Hong Kong. Owners Douglas Young and Benjamin Lau, derived its name from the phonetic translation of the Cantonese words meaning “to live better”.

We visited their Central retail shop, but there are currently four other G.O.D. locations around Hong Kong. Additionally, the company sells their products wholesale to boutiques in international cities such as London, Amsterdam, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, and (one of my personal favourites) Singapore.

Its modern, cutting-edge designs fused with traditional forms, compelled the company into a numerous award winner – including “Best 100 Stores of the World” by Retail Week UK.  Goods of Desire offers a variety of unique household items and fun gift ideas including: funky furniture, quirky art pieces, novel little trinkets, amusing greeting cards, and delightful handbags, accessories, and clothing.

Goods of Desire’s trademark slogan, available on coffee mugs and underwear, “Delay No More” means something crude in Cantonese – Google it if you must.

Goods of Desire
48 Hollywood Road, Central
Tel: 2805-1876
Hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-9pm ~ Sun & Holidays: 11am-8pm

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