936 LTN Food Village Pte Ltd – East Coast, Singapore

The food village (a short walk from Mandarin Gardens) was the first stop we made after our awesome friends Tom & Elaine picked us up from Changi Airport. Now this is the kind of hawker center I remember from years ago: Open-air, plastic chairs, and all. If you’re unfamiliar with hawkers, they’re groups of food stalls in South East Asia with individual vendors specializing in a particular dish, and they execute their dishes with perfection. So what you get is delicious food, for inexpensive prices – most dishes are only around $3.00 SGD!

KopiHot coffee with sweetened condensed milk on the bottom. Stir it up, and you’ll get liquid gloriousness.

BBQ Pork & Wonton Mee – Chinese barbecued pork with greens, on a bed of wonton noodles, and smothered with thick char siu sauce. Served with a side wonton soup.

Laksa – Coconut curry broth with fish balls, shrimp, cockles, and tofu puffs. My first taste of authentic laksa in 17 years! Wow, was this dish ever incredible. Those intense, aromatic flavours brought back so many memories. Heaven. 936 LTN Food Village Pte Ltd is an excellent hawker center on Singapore’s East Coast, check it out!

936 LTN Food Village Pte Ltd
936 East Coast Road, Singapore

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