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Best New Restaurants In The World

Thierry Marx’s shellfish mousse with caviar crostini at Sur Mesure Condé Nast Traveler created an editor-picked “Hot List” of the world’s best new spas, hotels and restaurants. Chosen by star chefs from around the globe, this year’s “Hot Tables” feature 2012’s best new eateries in Los Angeles, New York, London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Paris. Sure […]

Top Free Activities In Kona, Hawaii

Here are the top complimentary activities (yes, they are all free and open to the public!) to experience during your trip to Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii: Kaukulaelae Historical Tour – This 40-minute tour, offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am, is the best way to see the remnants of Kaukulaelae along the […]

Libre Tea Travel Mug

Libre loose leaf tea bottle is the perfect leak resistant thermal on-the-go beverage container (keeps drinks warm yet cool to touch) to take with you on your travels. Its compact size fits easily in purse, luggage, bike or car cup holders, and makes a healthy rehydrator. This handy yet sleek to go bottle can be […]

Perfect Travel Food: Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Cookies

Whenever we’re planning a long trip, we like to take snacks to keep us fueled during the journey. We need easy food to satisfy hunger and something that can double as a quick breakfast so we don’t have to compromise nutrition for convenience; plus, eco-friendly packaging is always a bonus. Well ladies and gentlemen, I can […]

How To Cook In Your Hotel Room

Although dining out and trying new cuisines are huge parts of our travel adventures (since we love to eat!), the following video shows how to cook in your hotel room when craving a meal from home. The always hilarious Natalie Tran cooks bacon, eggs, and oatmeal using common items found in a standard hotel room. […]

World Travel Food Adventures: Vancouver, Korea, Dubai, New York, & Singapore!

Gary and I were both born and raised in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, but currently call Vancouver home. Vancouver is 2011’s world’s most liveable city and has topped the list five years in a row! With its year round recreational activities, thanks to a temperate climate, the city also includes access to some of […]

Are You The New Jet Set?

I stumbled upon a company called Jet Set Life the other day, and was really excited to discover another couple living the good life as “The New Jet Set”. What exactly is that you ask? Well, Rob and Kim define the term on their site (aka the Lonely Planet For Sexy People) as follows: The […]

Travel Tip: Tennis Ball Massage On Airplanes

9 to 5 Travel has discussed countless flying tips such as how to pack and travel with caryy-on luggage only, what to take with you on a long haul flight, and how to stay comfortable on an airplane. We’ve even brought to your attention a product that will surely come in handy to carry-on travelers, […]

NEXUS – Canada-US Frequent Traveler Program

NEXUS is a joint Canada/United States program designed to allow members expedited entry at US-Canada borders. Pre-approved, low-risk travelers can avoid long waits at border entry points by using self-serve kiosks at airports and reserved lanes at land crossings. To gain eligibility, program applicants are screened for citizenship and immigration status, checked for criminal history […]

First Class for Less Than the Price of Economy

How can you fly first class for less than the price of an economy ticket? Here’s one trick all savy travelers know: Look for Front of the Cabin Bargains A couple weeks ago, Delta was offering an unbelievable deal – what they called “first/business” class flights from Boston to Amsterdam (and other U.S./European city pairs) for less […]

Top 80 Things To Know Before Traveling

If you’re starting out on your first trip, this is for you. Hell, even if it’s your 20th trip, this is for you too! On connecting with locals 54. Learn some of the local language. It will not only give you confidence, but will give you a ready-made excuse to talk to anyone (to ask […]

Toothpaste Tablets For Carry-On Travelers

During our trip to Asia, we only brought carry-on luggage for a whole month. That’s right, four weeks with my sole possessions inside a little back rolly suitcase and a LeSportsac tote. Although carry-on for a month was a challenge, I can honestly say that I won’t go back to check-luggage. It makes flying a […]