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Monte Carlo Comes To Abu Dhabi

Monte-Carlo Beach Club Saadiyat, located on picturesque Saadiyat island in Abu Dhabi, celebrates the elegance of its renowned sister club on the French Riviera, with its own unique style. Opening September 1, 2011 and modeled after the 1920s Monaco counterpart, this new and luxurious members’ only club is perfectly at home amid Saadiyat’s natural beauty […]

Extravagant Emirates Airbus A380

Dubai is infamous for extravagance, larger than life architecture, and top jets for the jet-set. Dubai-owned Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 bi-level jet has everything one could desire and more than most could fathom on an airplane. Your $30,00 hand-made cashmere Prada suit (what else do you wear on a $14,000 flight) is sure to enjoy […]

Top 5 Desert City Destinations

#5. CAIRO If you only see the Sphinx and the spectacular Pyramids of Giza during your trip to Cairo, you will be completely and utterly satisfied. Feel like you want more? Check out the world’s oldest step pyramid, in Saqqara. Fascinated by ancient Egypt? The Egyptian Museum is a must-see attraction – you will truly […]

How To Have Your Wedding In Dubai

Yesterday marked two years since we were married in an intimate wedding ceremony, and walked down the aisle on a beautiful beach, in Dubai, U.A.E. We stayed at Al Qasr Hotel in the Madinat, which is in the same complex as the Burj Al Arab (‘world’s most luxurious hotel’, ‘world’s tallest hotel’, and ‘world’s highest […]