Introducing 9 to 5 Travel: A New Journey into Travel

Thanks for visiting our website. If you’re a traveller looking for the latest news and want to follow the journey of two lifelong travellers scour the globe for the most remarkable hot spots and experiences, you’ve come to the right place.

There are many countries out there waiting for us to explore them. We plan on visiting all the hot destinations and blogging about our experience to you, our valued reader. We can only hope that you’ll come along for the unforgettable ride with us. Until then, stay tuned, as our site will continue to develop and grow.


Taya & Gary

About Gary & Taya

Founders of 9to5Travel, this jet-setting Canadian husband & wife team scour the globe searching for the best travel destinations the world has to offer. They provide detailed accounts of tropical beaches, gourmet cuisines, and luxury hotels. Learn more about the couple here.


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  • The pyramid of Egypt attract me most, even it’s sunny and hot still visiting the hottest spot will make you cold. And still searching for more hot spots around the world, I’ll stay tuned to this site to look for more. Thanks!