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How To Get To Redang Island, Malaysia

The quickest way to get to Redang Island, Malaysia is to fly from either Singapore (like we did) or Kuala Lumpur. However, there is only one airline that offers direct flights to the tiny Redang Airport (RDN) and that is Berjaya Air. We recommend booking directly through their website to gain access to the best […]

Extravagant Emirates Airbus A380

Dubai is infamous for extravagance, larger than life architecture, and top jets for the jet-set. Dubai-owned Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 bi-level jet has everything one could desire and more than most could fathom on an airplane. Your $30,00 hand-made cashmere Prada suit (what else do you wear on a $14,000 flight) is sure to enjoy […]

Why Exit Row And Bulkhead Are Not Always The Best Seat Choices

When flying long distances, we often request/or pay extra to upgrade to exit row or bulkhead seats.  Usually, these seats have more legroom, making flying more comfortable – especially for larger taller people. However, from our experience, these particular seats are not always your best bet. Sometimes it is wiser to save your money and […]