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Extravagant Emirates Airbus A380

Dubai is infamous for extravagance, larger than life architecture, and top jets for the jet-set. Dubai-owned Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 bi-level jet has everything one could desire and more than most could fathom on an airplane. Your $30,00 hand-made cashmere Prada suit (what else do you wear on a $14,000 flight) is sure to enjoy […]

Airbus A380 Will Soon Carry 1000 Passengers

How big is too big? Flying coach, even on smaller planes, can feel like your being herded like cattle. It’s either your worst nightmare, or a dream come true: Now, Airbus A380 may soon carry 1,000 passengers! While the largest A380s currently in service can seat just under 500 people, the proposed A380-1000 (currently being […]

Top 5 Places To Visit Before They Disappear

Some of the world’s most remarkable places might not make it through this century. With threats like global warming, over population, and habitat destruction, our world is fading right before our very eyes. Here are five places that are currently threatened—and how to experience them before it’s too late: 1. The Dead Sea Bordering Jordan […]

Korean-American Frozen Yogurt Wars

Having grown up with the Canadian Yogen Früz chain, we’ve been enjoying frozen yogurt for years now. Most recently, we tasted some pretty decent fro-yo at Yogurtime SoHo (click here), in Hong Kong. Prior to that, we experienced our very first Pinkberry in San Diego, California: Read our review here. Back in 2005, celebrities like […]

Suma Lifestyle Beach Towels Contest

Our friends at Suma Lifestyle, along with Singapore blogger Holly Jean, are giving away a pair of his and hers Suma Beach Towels! What better way to spend your Valentine’s day than entering a contest to win you and your love matching beach towels to take on your next romantic beach vacation! Suma Beach Couture […]

Travel Expo Vancouver, BC

Attention all travel enthusiasts in Vancouver, BC! The upcoming Vancouver Travel Expo will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Saturday February 12th 2011, 10am – 5pm. The Flight Centre Travel Expo brings buyers and sellers together at the same time for the same reason – to offer amazing travel deals! In an atmosphere […]

Introducing 9 to 5 Travel: A New Journey into Travel

Thanks for visiting our website. If you’re a traveller looking for the latest news and want to follow the journey of two lifelong travellers scour the globe for the most remarkable hot spots and experiences, you’ve come to the right place. There are many countries out there waiting for us to explore them. We plan […]