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Top 5 Places To Visit Before They Disappear

Some of the world’s most remarkable places might not make it through this century. With threats like global warming, over population, and habitat destruction, our world is fading right before our very eyes. Here are five places that are currently threatened—and how to experience them before it’s too late: 1. The Dead Sea Bordering Jordan […]

Cathay Pacific Extra Legroom Economy Seats

We flew Cathay Pacific Airways from Vancouver to Hong Kong and upgraded to their exit row seats. Cathay offers its customers the option to secure seats with extra legroom in their Economy Class cabins on long and short-haul flights – with an additional fee or by redeeming Asia Miles. Since my husband is six-foot-two, we […]

Why Exit Row And Bulkhead Are Not Always The Best Seat Choices

When flying long distances, we often request/or pay extra to upgrade to exit row or bulkhead seats.  Usually, these seats have more legroom, making flying more comfortable – especially for larger taller people. However, from our experience, these particular seats are not always your best bet. Sometimes it is wiser to save your money and […]

How To Pack And Travel With Only Carry-On Luggage

During the month of January, we spent an epic four weeks traveling in Asia: Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Macau, and Hong Kong. The most cost effective way to get us to our desired destinations was to take a whopping 10 different flights. Since we were flying so frequently, we decided it would be wise to only […]

What To Take On A Long Haul Flight

Let’s face it, if you’re not flying first-class, then being on an airplane can become quite uncomfortable at times. There are a few items you can take with you to make your flying experience a little more pleasant. The following are items we recommend taking with you on board the aircraft: Inflatable neck-pillow: They are […]

How To Stay Comfortable On A Long Flight

If you’re planning on taking a long-haul flight, the following top 5 tips will keep you comfortable during your in-flight journey: Take off your shoes: Feet tend to swell when you fly, so plan to take off your shoes and stretch your toes during a long flight. Do put them back on when visiting the […]